Rapid Office


Our extensive experience in international trade and representation endorses us as the best option. You can benefit our multinational service. You will be able to hire abroad through RapidOffice and solve language barriers with our multilingual team.

Rapid-office is a web page that offers you a complete platform for your business abroad and belongs to Hantechnic. Corp.

Rapid-office offers to a small and medium-sized enterprises the possibility to provide their services in countries such as Japan, China, France, Germany…through our management tools, with significantly lower costs than a conventional office abroad.

With us you can have a professional address with mail handling and telephone answering in several countries. You can choose to have a more complete customized service program (network marketing, cashflow service, administration management…).

Rapid-office offers you flexibility and a wide variety of options to choose, to leverage and develop your business in different countries.

Rapid-office can provide a trading agent and commercial team, human resources managing, marketing strategies, translation services…

If your business needs to expand beyond your country, do not hesitate to contact us.