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A long experience in operations and business in the Chinese market over the years supports us. We successfully completed thousands of transactions in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, the real free trade zone in Xiamen with companies owned by FASTPASS and FAST (Free and Safe Trade Transit) in 2017, the well-known accelerator Pegasus brigade shares become a member of the Pegasus Star, a company with high growth potential. Our partners in Hong Kong offer very interesting services for the Chinese market:

We have a great relationship with Chinese investment companies and institutions.
We are familiar with Chinese laws, logistics, taxation, means and investments. In addition to Pegasus, we also have partners like Tencent Group (famous for products like QQ or WeChat).

Introduction to Pegasus Travel:

Pegasus currently has its own business services, Pegasus Park, Pegasus equity (love for business), Pegasus Fund and other organizations.
Its purpose is to establish business and service innovative and entrepreneurial companies in China.
Through Pegasus Venture Services, we facilitate the start-up of companies and their growth in a fast but consolidated way.
So far, there are 191 high-quality projects to become Pegasus Star and more than 40 have received funding of more than three million yuan (RMB).
The total valuation is more than 20 million yuan. The area of influence of Pegasus is very wide (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiamen ...), management of more than two hundred thousand business space for more than 2,000 enterprises to provide space services, revenue annual fiscal hundreds of millions of dollars.
Introduction to Creation Star Valley:

The center of operations of China Star Road Center and Tencent Cloud Technology is in Xiamen Xinglin Bay and covering nearly 7,000 square meters. The official opening was on May 28, the industry venture capital services platform, which adheres to the "star pool business, venture capital fund service" business purposes, leads the "leave the capital also for the grassroots entrepreneurs "to build" the north of Beijing Zhongguancun, south of Xiamen Xinglin Bay "a new pattern of the venture capital industry.


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